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BVR Kits Fizza

Final Assembly
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1. Glue the wing in place ensuring it is level with the tailplane and that equal distance exists between the wingtip rear corners and the tailplane leading edge curves. If you have opted for torque-rod operated ailerons, you will need to relieve former 7 as shown here.



3. The aileron servo is fitted in a slot cut in wing panel 2 and can be secured using small squares of scrap 1/16” ply and servo screws. Use your preferred linkage, “nipped tube links” and 18 SWG pushrods were used on the prototypes to good effect.

Click here for WHIZZZA! Build Sequence differences.


5. Adding appropriate trim to the supplied Canopy moulding will ensure that the canopy doesn’t look out of place! This is simply carefully cut strips of Solarfilm ironed onto the canopy.



7. This excellent decal set is available from MTRONICS on 01943 461482 for just 3 and an A5 Stamped Addressed Envelope – it will really make a difference to your model!




2. A gap exists at the front of the wing beneath upper front deck 12. Adjust ESC-to-motor wire lengths so that when fitted the ESC (Tsunami 10 shown) can be Velcroed onto wing panel 1 with the battery and RX leads poking through holes into the battery bay like this.



4. If you don’t like the nipped tube link method, you can glue commercial horns onto the torque rods supported by small pieces of tube as shown here!

Click here for WHIZZZA! Build Sequence differences.


6. Ready to go with canopy removed, your FIZZA should weigh anything from around 14 to 22 ounces depending on your choice of motor, ESC and Flight Battery.