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BVR Kits 45" Electric Tucano
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Kit Contents
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 The most outstanding feature of the BVR KITS 45" ELECTRIC TUCANO is the excellent balsa quality and grade selection.

Nigel Hawes builds some of the lightest electric airframes imaginable, which is why his display models always fly that "bit better"!

Buying this kit ensures that you too will get the grades to make a light but tough model just like his display models.

Every part has been hand selected for the appropriate grade for its use. For example, leading edges will be firm, but trailing edges will be soft and light. Upper decking will be soft and light, whereas those areas likely to be landed on (i.e. underside sheeting etc.) will be firm.

It is this attention to essential detail and the viceless, forgiving flight characteristics of his designs that have earned Nigel's kits an impeccable reputation worldwide.

The kit contains:

 All hand-cut balsa and ply parts.

CNC-cut Front former/motor mount (please specify AXI or MPJ gearbox).

Clear moulded canopy.

Hardware & accessories.

All aileron linkage parts.

Full building instructions.

Assembly & topical diagrams.

 The elevator and rudder linkages are left to the builder's choice. Some will wish to use snakes, some will prefer pushrods, some will insist upon closed loop!

As it is impossible to stock different specifications of kit, it is far more logical to leave these linkages to your own preference.

 The kit costs 60 plus 5 P&P (UK ONLY) Guaranteed insured and overseas postage rates are available on request.

 BVR KITS will supply on request and FREE OF CHARGE the plywood and hardwood undercarriage mounting points which allow the three piano wire u/c legs to be attached or removed in minutes! Click here for pictures of the undercarriage option

 To order your Tucano please contact BVR KITS on 01228 560100 or 07770 832923.

Or E-mail us at

To order your Tucano, click here