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BVR Kits 45" Electric Tucano
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Customer's Models
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Nigel enjoys seeing the results of his customers efforts. If you have a nice BVR Tucano that you are especially proud of, send him a picture and some information, and it will be added to this page.

This is Dave Singer's Tucano, which was built from Nigel's first pre-production kit.


Dave built his model in about 10 hours, and it's all-up-weight with an AXI 2820/10 and 10 cell 1700CP flight battery is exactly 3lbs (48oz).


Dave is well-known for his adoration of Nigel's Bae Hawk, but he describes the new Tucano as "The best electric model I have ever flown!"
Watch out for Dave displaying his model at Sandown 2003, and most of the UK electric flight events in 2003.