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BVR Kits P.R.A.T
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The "P.R.A.T." (or Pylon Race Advanced Trainer) was developed from the enormously successful and much-loved Smart-Dart, as a one-make low cost 400 class racer.

Clubs over the UK use these for it's intended purpose, and as it is so easy and forgiving to fly, pilots of all abilities can paticipate.

 However at just 30 + 3 p&p it also makes a fantastic cheap sport model for a 400 motor and 8 x 800ARs - Go up to a Jamara HS 480 BB and you have a Pocket Rocket!


 It can be built in a couple of hours, uses commonly available low-cost components and is rugged and tough even if you do manage to stuff it, a few dabs of cyano will probably see it airborne again in a matter of minutes!

 To encourage club racing with this model, which often introduces electric flight to former i.c. only flyers, the 30 is reduced to 25 + 2 P&P for bulk orders of TEN kits or more.

 To order, click here