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Build Sequence Differences

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Build Sequence Differences
Removable Wing Option
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As the WHIZZZA owes its heritage to the highly successful FIZZA, the build sequence is more or less identical and all part numbers are the same. However feedback and development have led to some improvements and slight differences and these are described here! Follow the FIZZA build sequence, clicking wherever you see the WHIZZZA links which are inserted wherever these changes exist!


As the WHIZZZA can be subjected to incredible speeds and G forces in i.c. and higher powered 600BL Electric set-ups, you have the option of replacing the spar and spacer with a continuous full-length 3/8" x 1/8" (10mm x 3mm) spruce spar, available from most model shops, as shown here. PLEASE NOTE: this is purely a safeguard for those pushing the envelope; the standard configuration is still VERY strong!


Customer feedback suggested that some had difficulty adhering a curved dowel to the flat front of the wing leading edge on the FIZZA. So the WHIZZZA is supplied with 4mm SQUARE spruce strip for the leading edge as shown here - this is far easier to glue in place and is simply rounded off after wing profiling to give a nice rounded leading edge shape.


The main difference in the Whizzza fuselage construction is that the doublers (part 5) consist of a 1/8" sheet doubler at the front and TWO 3/16" strip doublers glued behind it, to provide reinforcement for the wing seat and access hatch. Note position of rear hatch doublers (part 21) which are also glued in place at this stage.


As the fuselage sides on the WHIZZZA are much thicker, it is impractical to "bend" them round former 7, so instead simply chamfer the bottom edges of parts 6b to the correct angle, and glue them in place one at a time blending the join in with some abrasive paper afterwards.


As the WHIZZZA is a much larger model, and given that there is a removable wing option, you may wish to cover each major component separately as shown here. This will mean assembling the tailplane parts as a separate unit rather than building it onto the fuselage as shown in the FIZZA build sequence.


The ailerons on the WHIZZZA are quite large, therefore flight loads may be too high for some micro servos, especially the cheaper ones currently on the market. BVR KITS recommend the GWS "PARK" 17g servo which only costs 9.99 from BRC HOBBIES. For further details and ordering info click here.


Configuration is exactly the same as the FIZZA as you can see here. The X-POWER 40 and 60 AMP Brushless Speed Controllers are ideally suited to the WHIZZZA and are both reliable and cheap! Available from BRC HOBBIES, for further details click here.


The final difference on the WHIZZZA is that there are TWO underside hatches, one for battery access and the other for Rudder and Elevator servo access. Parts are supplied for each hatch to be attached by a tongue and screw system, but you can simply tape the servo hatch in place if you don't expect to need access very often.