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Introducing the FIZZA!

Designed by Nigel Hawes


Nigel felt that everything was getting far too complicated and expensive, so he decided to "go back to basics" with a pure and simple sport model designed to pit the FIZZ back into your flying!


The model has several design features made legendary in the Tucano, Hawk and PRAT which have become worldwide hits, except this time Nigel has used some innovative methods which make it possible to build the bare the airframe in a couple of hours!


These include a hardwood dowel leading edge which not only gives ding resistance but provides a physical profiling limit. As the trailing edge is tapered stock, there is NO rear profiling required except at the tips! This means a fully constructed wing in less than 30 minutes!


Various set-ups have been used in FIZZAs, the most popular being the HET TYPHOON 6/23 with TSUNAMI 10 ESC. Using an 8 x 4 prop and either 3s Li-Po or 1050 KAN / GP 1100 NiMh cells, the model only weighs around 16oz and with 100 Watts available has pretty good performance!


If you don't wish to go Brushless, the model is just as happy with a SPEED 400 or HS480BB cheap can motor and 8 cells in the same way as the Tucano and Hawk performed well with! And the FIZZA fuselage can literally take ANY Flight battery between 500AR and 1950 FAUPs, including the popular 800ARs owned and still used by 400-size Electric enthusiasts.


Fit a TYPHOON 15 and you have a ballistic model with UNLIMITED vertical performance with the right cells and prop! Nigel can be contacted at for ANY construction or set-up advice not covered on these pages, as well as special package deals on the gear!


Either way, your FIZZA will go like a BOMB!


The kit contains all pre-cut balsa and ply parts, CNC-cut motor mounting disc (HET Typhoon type) and an accessory pack containing aileron torque rods, screws, horns etc. The rudder and elevator linkages are left to the builders preference.

What's more you are assured of the very BEST balsa in the business, as builders of Nigel's previous kits will be familiar with!


In order to keep costs down for newcomers to Electric Flight, the FIZZA kit is just 35 for the bare kit, or 40 including the moulded canopy and decal set - and these prices INCLUDE postage and packing within the UK and Europe! Contact Nigel for shipping outside of Europe, which will be subsidised!


To order your Fizza, click here


Part number specific instructions can be downloaded here (Right-click, Save Target As...)