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The Superb BVR Kits 45" Electric Tucano!


This model is a larger version of the Nigel Hawes 400-powered Tucano featured in RCM&E.

There are now approximately 5000 of these 30" Tucanos being enjoyed worldwide! Their success was unquestionably down to excellent performance and duration from CHEAP components. And of course the Tucano is simply a GORGEOUS aircraft!

Well, the larger version benefits from exactly the same philosophy but with MUCH more to offer! Even a 30 600/buggy motor & gearbox will make this model perform beyond your expectations - but fit a modern AXI brushless motor and very few i.c. models will get near it!

But why has he made a larger version?



It has a rudder, so it can do far more aerobatic manoeuvres including knife-edge flight.

It has an undercarriage option, so it can be operated like an i.c. model from tarmac runways.

It is MORE THAN CAPABLE of doing the full BMFA "B" certificate schedule.

It can still use VERY cheap components, i.e. a 30 geared 600 motor and 3 10 miniservos

It is a much more acceptable size, and will fly VERY SLOWLY!

But fit an AXI 2820/10 and it has UNLIMITED VERTICAL PERFORMANCE!

On GP3300NiMhs it will fly for over 16 MINUTES!

The kit contains the finest balsa you will ever see in a kit, hand selected by Nigel himself. As a result you are guaranteed to end up with a bare airframe weight of around 14oz, ensuring a light and agile finished model. A clear moulded canopy and CNC-cut motor mounting former are also included as well as accessories etc.

This is the best 60 you will ever spend on an electric model!


Wingspan: 45 inches

Length: 41 inches

Flying weight: 3 - 3.5 lbs

Motor range: Geared 600 to AXI 2820/10

Functions: 4 (full-house)

Cells: 7 - 10 SUB-C cells (1700 - 3300Ma/h)

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