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BVR Kits 45" Electric Tucano
Tail Surfaces
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 1) The tail components are cut from the finest quality balsa you've ever seen to ensure that the rear end of your Tucano is kept nice and light.


3) The two tailplane gussets (26) can then be added, smoothing in with lightweight filler to finish. The 1/16" gusset extension 18b is attached in the centre of fin gusset 18a, with 1/16" showing each side.


5) The finished tail, with rudder and elevators attached. Hinge method is left to personal preference, with Mylar tape or film hinge ALL being suitable.


2) With the fin and tailplane in place, the rear decking line is continued to the rear of the tailplane using the soft 3/8" balsa blocks supplied, shaped to suit before glueing in place.


 4) The elevators and rudder (20 & 21) should be tapered to 3/32" at the trailing edge. The elevators are joined using the 3/16" dowel provided and a cut-out needs to be made in the rudder to ensure no binding of surfaces even at full throw.


Now move onto finishing