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BVR Kits Tornado
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Build Sequence
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1) Each wing panel is made up of Leading edge 1, mainwing panel 2, trailing edge 3 and wingtip 4. Panels 1 2 & 3 are separated by 1/8'' spacing strips which leave suitable gaps for spruce braces 5. Before assembling wing panels, dummy fit the parts and if necessary trim spacing strips so that braces 5 will be a perfect fit. The rearmost 5 is slightly less tall than the foremost 5 so that it matches the wing profile.


3) Draw the profiling extent lines on the wing upper surface as shown on the diagram. It may also help to draw a profiling extent line at 3/16'' from the bottom along the leading edge and 1/8'' from the bottom along the trailing edge. DO NOT exceed these extent lines!


5) After making final adjustments to ensure that the roots meet squarely along their whole length, and that the profile of each panel matches the other, join the wings ON A FLAT SURFACE using Epoxy Resin or PVA (i.e. NO dihedral necessary). DO NOT add the spars 5 until the glue is set! The spars can then be glued in place using PVA adhesive and left overnight to set, before being sanded level with the upper wing surface.



2) Glue the wing assembly together (with part numbers showing on the upper wing surface) on a flat surface using the minimum possible adhesive: Cyano is ideal for this as it is fast-acting and light weight. For maximum adhesion, dampen the edge of panels 1, 2 & 3 slightly before glueing tip 4 in place as this will make the cyano penetrate better.


4) When razor planed and sanded to a smooth aerofoil section, each wing should look something like this at the tip (shown above an un-shaped wing panel). Remember NOT to round off the leading and trailing edges until after fitting the wing to the fuselage and adding gussets etc. Make sure you have made a right-hand and left-hand panel!


Now move onto the fuselage